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Costs and Charges

Financial advice has always cost money, for many years we have had the disclosure of the costs and charges within the illustrations which has helped clients to see the charges clearly and this process will continue. The difference the Retail Distribution Review has brought about from the 1st January 2013 is that the costs are now separated out so that as a client you can see clearly how much you are paying for the Advice you are receiving, how much the Product is costing  and how much the Investment management of your money is costing.

At Gordian Financial Services we have always worked in an open and transparent manner with our clients, offering them the option to pay for their advice via fees or commission. The new charging environment has enabled us to refine our service proposition enabling us to design a suite of services and support for your needs that you can select from.

The option to pay for your advice with a commission taken from your pension or investment has gone, replaced instead by the option to pay for your advice with a fee, which can be taken from your investment or pension, or paid from your own personal funds. In some circumstances your company can also pay for the advice from pre-tax profits. This brings control to you as to where and how the fee is taken.

We have established our service bands of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum based upon the value of the assets you hold and that we are asked to advise upon. There is a minimum annual fee to each of the service bands and we have detailed these in the Cost Grid (selectable above left).  A monthly Standing Order can be established or the charge taken automatically from your investments. Our Bronze service level is in place to ensure that every client has the ability to have their financial planning reviewed over time. Should a Bronze service client wish to trigger a review before reaching the £600 level then the residual fee can be paid directly by the client or taken from their investments, whichever suits their needs.

When a client reaches or elects to receive a Silver, Gold or Platinum level of on-going servicing we believe that in stepping up to these service levels they should be rewarded with suitable reductions or removal of some of the chargeable activities we provide. The level of face to face review meetings doubles between service levels with our Platinum level clients invited to an annual meeting with Justin Urquhart-Stewart from 7IM investment Managers. Justin can often be heard commentating on financial stories on the Radio or seen on TV with his trademark bright red braces.  

We believe that our Service Proposition and charging grid remains fair to all our clients whilst balancing the increased commercial risk to our business from dealing with larger capital sums or more complex products.

For clients with over £2,500,000 a totally bespoke service level and charging structure is created to meet their individual needs and requirements.

At the discretion of our Directors we can provide a Transactional Service where no ongoing annual charge applies. The corresponding initial charges and costs are greater than those applying to a Bronze service level. This is not the core client we have or seek to attract to our business as we firmly believe that the longer term value to financial planning comes through the ongoing relationship between client and adviser and we see it as an essential component that regular reviews take place to keep your financial planning on target to meet your objectives goals and aspirations.