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Trust Investments

We provide investment advice to the Trustees of various different types of trusts to ensure that they are meeting their legal obligations under the Trustee Act 2000. If you are a trustee and you haven’t had a meeting with an Independent Financial Adviser in the last 12 months to discuss the investment structure of your Trust then we may be able to assist you in meeting your obligations. Please use the Contact us facility and we can discuss how we may be of assistance.

When we are advising Trustees we are conscious that they are making decisions over funds that they are responsible for, but often are for the benefit of other people (the beneficiaries). This makes their role complex because they have to balance the needs of many people, possibly including people as yet unborn.  They may well be tasked with providing an income to some beneficiaries and meeting the capital needs of others. It is our role to take account of the Investment Risk the Trustees are willing to take and present investment funds and solutions to fulfil their duties as Trustee.

There are a growing number of Court cases where the Beneficiaries have successfully sued the Trustees for not taking into account their needs adequately. Provided that the Trustees have taken advice from a suitably qualified individual they will have gone a long way to discharging their responsibilities correctly. They still need to take action on what to do with the Trust fund for the beneficiaries, in the best way that they feel it is right to do so, but by acting upon the advice provided by us they are demonstrating their commitment to discharging their duties in a competent manner.

For our ongoing Trusts we provide a regular review service depending upon the needs of the Trust. This can be Quarterly review meetings through to Annual meetings. We provide investment fund updates and appraisals of the changes since the last review. We have been able to bring specific investment fund managers to Trustee meetings to provide first hand explanations of events and investment practice. We are often asked to act as a “Secretary” to the Trust. This may include preparing the agenda for the regular review meetings as well as keeping the minutes of the meetings so that the administration of running a trust can be kept to a minimum for the Trustees

There are many different types of Trusts that can be used and these depend on the circumstances and the objectives of the people involved. The legislation governing Trusts grows more and more complex as new laws are passed, some with retrospective effects. Taxation and Trust advice are not regulated by the Financial Services Agency. We don’t provide the advice in this area, that responsibility falls to the Private Client Lawyers we work with. If you are considering setting up a trust and would like to discuss this in more detail then please use the Contact us facility and we will happily introduce you to a Lawyer that advises in the area you are seeking.