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Wealth Management

With something as individual and important as your financial security and independence there is no "off the shelf" instruction manual to follow. Without guidance and contemplation often people make financial decisions based on fear, greed, reactions to events around them or simple inertia. These can ultimately leave them feeling frustrated, short-changed and fearful about their long term financial security.

We believe that Wealth Management means achieving your expectations. These could be to provide a set level of capital growth on your existing funds or to establish a level of income from your assets. You may have a specific income in retirement that you want to achieve or it could simply be for you to feel in control of your finances. Whatever your expectation is there will be a way of achieving it. We work with you to find a solution that meets your need and your expectation.

We start with discussing your current situation to find out where you are now and what you have in place.  Then we spend time with you to review where you want to be and when you want to achieve this by. We consider many influences like taxation, budgeting and understanding the elements of ‘risk versus reward’.

Investment Risk can take many forms and is influenced by several different factors.

Some of the influencing factors you may recognise are:-

  • Recent memories of the Stockmarkets and the press coverage they receive
  • How financially secure you are feeling at the time of making the decision
  • The period over which your investment is being made
  • Whether the investment is a single lump sum or is being made monthly
  • Your past experiences of investing money
  • Are you seeking growth, income or a combination of both from your investment

Investment Risk comes in many forms, common ones are:-

  • The effect of inflation on your investment
  • The volatility of the assets held
  • Economic conditions
  • Political and legislative changes
  • Currency exchange rate fluctuations
  • Terrorism and natural disasters

Creating and implementing a financial plan is just the beginning, Wealth Management is an ongoing process and we are conscious of the unexpected events that will happen and lead to a detour from your plan from time to time. We advocate regular reviews to enable us to guide you back to your plan and recalculate the way forward.  Awareness of any changes in your financial goals as well as alterations to legislation, taxation and financial product development are also taken into account.

Warren Buffet once said

“Price is what you pay, Value is what you get”

Wealth management is about achieving the outcome you want for your future. It is where we feel we add value to your financial planning process.