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Gordian Financial Services is a specialist IFA practice working with individuals going through a divorce or separation. Robert Cresswell has achieved accreditation from Resolution. As a specialist in Divorce Work.

Resolution is the Governing body for family lawyers and by attending their intense course and successfully passing their examination Robert was able to gain accreditation to demonstrate his understanding of the divorce process.

We provide advice clients and their Family Lawyers on a variety of matters such as:-

Equalising pension incomes between divorcing couples

Providing a report on the assets built up during the marriage and making proposals to divide these.

A review of a person’s protection needs post-divorce such as the cost to insure child maintenance payments.

Robert is experienced in working with clients using the Collaborative Divorce process to end their marriage. This is where a couple agrees from the outset not to go to court. They enter into this agreement along with their solicitors so that all parties are bound to the process and have the common objective of reaching a settlement that fits their needs.

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How we support you

There are two roles that Robert can take in this process, the first being known as the Financial Neutral and the second known as the Implementer.

The role of the Financial Neutral is to attend round table style meetings where the couple attends with their Collaboratively Trained lawyers. The purpose of the meetings is to reach a solution for the couple on all aspects of their divorce. We are present to help take into account the financial structures that the couple had, helping to produce answers to the “What if?” questions that arise at this time and to explore possible solutions to their needs.

An example of the areas covered may be:-

To break down the complex pension contracts and provide projections of the benefits for both people at their retirement so that a fair division of the income available can be reached.

Where appropriate, to bring in specialist mortgage advisers to provide mortgage costs so that both parties to the divorce can openly discuss their needs and aspirations for their housing needs after divorce.

To discuss the tax implication of moving assets after separation has occurred, where appropriate an accountant will be involved.

Working with both people to review income and investment objectives from their investments.

We often discuss the implications for cancelling existing Life Assurance and other protection policies and the costs of replacing them.

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Why choose a Collaborative Divorce?

The Collaborative Divorce option is definitely not an easy option as couples must face difficult decisions, face to face (with their collaboratively trained Lawyers) and reach a solution that provides them both with an acceptable outcome.

The process is often quicker and helps reduce the animosity that can build up when the more traditional court based divorce route is followed. Where children are involved it is often not the divorce that is an issue but the confrontation they are exposed to during this highly charged emotional time.

We feel that the Collaborative Divorce is an excellent option for the right person. If you would like to know more please contact us.


Our Services

Choosing the right process for you

Whilst we are strong supporters of the Collaborative Divorce process we recognise that it does not suit everyone, the more common route is still to use the court system. We are usually contacted by Family Lawyers when the financial disclosure takes place and we are asked to give an appraisal of the assets and what they can provide for one or both parties to the marriage. We review all financial matters often including pensions, savings and investments as well as life assurance policies such as endowments etc.

The earlier in the divorce process that we can become involved then the greater the opportunity we have of helping you and your lawyer compromise less. No one truly wins in a divorce, dissolving a marriage is a series of compromises that take time and careful consideration to reach, ultimately if both parties are unable to reach a compromise then a Judge will be forced to make the decision for you.

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