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Other Services

Life Assurance, Income Protection & Critical Illness Cover

We travel through life and many choices are ours to make, you might get married, have a family and move house, but some life events are not under our control such as accidents, illness and death.

If you were unable to work due to an accident or illness, how would that impact on your financial plans? Income protection policies can replace a significant part of pre event earnings and provide you and your family with security and support much of your lifestyle costs.

In the event of serious illness like cancer, a stroke or heart attack, how would you pay the mortgage and maintain your family’s lifestyle? Critical illness cover will pay out a lump sum which could be used to repay your mortgage, replace income, or cover other expenses such as long term care.

Death is actually the only certainty we can plan for with our clients, if the worst were to happen, how would your family cope with the financial implications? Life assurance can ensure that the mortgage is fully repaid on death. You can also take out family protection to cover loss of earnings and protect the lifestyle you were building for your family.

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Corporate Financial Advice

Entrepreneurs invest a lot of time and effort into building their business. Adequate insurance is crucial for business owners to ensure they can continue to run their business effectively in any eventuality.

What would happen if one of your key people should suffer a serious illness or even die suddenly? Think about how their skills, knowledge and experience contribute to the financial success of the business and consider the impact on profitability.

Key Person Protection helps protect your business against the financial effects of death, terminal or critical illness of an integral member of your team. It allows you to use the money received for recruitment costs, as a buffer against falling sales, and to manage the costs of disruption or increased workload on other staff members.

Financial problems are usually the first things affected when a Partner or Director dies. Partner/Director Share Protection covers for this worst case scenario by providing the remaining Partner(s) or Director(s) with a sum of money to purchase the deceased or critically ill Directors’ interest in the business.

You can also take out Business Loan Protection so that any outstanding debts such as an overdraft, loan or commercial mortgage are covered should the loan guarantor die or become critically ill.

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