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Gordian knot

According to legend, in ancient times a Phrygian peasant called Gordius, his wife, and son Midas chanced to arrive in an Ox cart at an assembly of the Phrygians, who had just been told by an oracle that a cart would bring them a king to put an end to the civil disturbances. The Phrygians at once made Gordius king.

He dedicated his cart to Zeus and tied his cart to the temple with an intricate knot. A further oracle declared that whoever could untie the knot, which had defeated all attempts to undo it, should reign over Asia.

Alexander the great took a very decisive route to untie the knot, by cutting it with his sword.

‘To cut the Gordian knot’ thus signifies drastic action to solve a difficult problem.

A Gordian Knot is also associated with very intricate matters and we felt that the image and myth surrounding it fitted very well with the way financial products entwine with one another to provide individuals and companies with the solutions they seek.

We also felt that the analogy associated with the severing of the Gordian knot fitted very well with the specialist divorce work undertaken by Gordian Financial Services Ltd.