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Your financial planning needs are core to our advice, support and ongoing services.

We have been advising clients and their families through the complex world of pensions and investments since 1992 and remain proudly independent since 1996.

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How Gordian Financial Services can help you

All our client’s needs differ, but a common trait is that you have a need or a problem but you are unsure how best to resolve that situation.

The Government continues to change the rules and it’s our job to seek out the best way forward so that you and your family can enjoy more of your wealth.

If you are beginning to wonder what sort of lifestyle you can support through retirement and are looking to work with an adviser to help you take control over your finances, or have perhaps seen wealth stripped from your parents estate for Long Term Care provision or Inheritance Tax and you want to be more proactive over your own wealth, these are some of the areas we regularly help clients resolve.

Our Services

Pensions & SIPPs

We help you to see what your retirement finances could look like and the lifestyle you could be enjoying. 

We work with many business owners to help them buy commercial property using their Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) 

Savings & Investments

The government gives little away so making sure your wealth is in the right place can really help boost your savings and investments. 

From ISA to Offshore Bond there are products to suit various needs and circumstances. 

IHT Planning

We work with clients and their family’s to help position their wealth in tried and tested Inheritance Tax saving plans.   

We also work with will writers and probate lawyers to offer advice on family trust investments. 

Life Assurance, Income Protection & Critical Illness Cover

Perhaps the only certainty we can plan for with our clients, it is always a starting point to any new client engagement to check that appropriate and adequate protection cover is in place to meet your needs 

Corporate Financial Advice

We choose to specialise in the areas of advice we offer and our focus is more on the needs of the directors and senior management of a business rather than providing advice to the entire workforce.  


Utilising Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) funds to buy a commercial property that the business then rents off the pension scheme is an area we specialise in for our corporate clients. We work closely with a business’s accountant to help combine our areas of expertise and by combining our skills we often help clients reduce their tax bill by tens of thousands of pounds. 

Divorce Advice

We have assisted clients through this confusing and often painful process since the year 2000, helping to asses the accumulated wealth in pensions, savings and property over the marriage and look for beneficial solutions as to how to separate these finances in the least destructive way we can. 

Who we are

About Gordian Financial Services

We are a family run business with simple but important values based around trust and transparency, enabling us to build and maintain a long term relationship with you. We achieve this by delivering the right advice at the right time to meet your needs. This has enabled us to continue to serve clients and their families over the decades, increasingly providing advice to multiple generations of the same family.

Individual Service

We treat each client as an individual and our advice and recommendations will be tailored to your needs. We don’t offer a one size fits all approach.

Personal Approach

You will receive advice, support and servicing from one adviser, not a faceless call centre structure or AI computer program.

Meetings tailored to you

Meetings with your adviser will be arranged to suit your needs and the service level you engage with us under.

Clear Charges

We operate a transparent charging structure.

24/7 Valuations

For those that want to access online valuations these are available 24/7 within our centralised investment and retirement propositions.

Why choose us

Is Gordian Financial Services right for you?

If you are more likely to make a purchasing decision based on the price you pay than the value you receive then we are unlikely to be the right fit.

Personalised advice and ongoing support and service has a higher cost than an automated one size fits all approach, the great thing about the UK financial services industry is that there are providers offering solutions right across the board.

We are not the cheapest nor likely to be the most expensive either, we believe we offer good value for money, and in Yorkshire to be paid to help people manage their wealth since 1992 is about as strong an endorsement as you could hope to receive.


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