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Savings & Investments

Clients tend to invest for two reasons:

to seek growth on their wealth

and/or to generate investment income.

When you invest with us we want your money to work hard for you. It is important your wealth is invested in the right product for your individual needs, over the right timeframe to achieve your objectives and with a level of investment risk you are comfortable taking.

We don’t use unregulated funds and wherever possible only use products and providers covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. This provides greater peace of mind to our clients

Our Services

Our Investment Approach

Our investment approach is split into different solutions depending on the service levels chosen.

A more streamlined, lower cost, single fund approach is used for our starting service levels.

A more complex, adviser lead, portfolio is used for our higher service level clients. These are built up from sector leading fund mangers and allocations to these hand picked funds are set in order that the optimum risk to return strategy is achieved for each of the 7 investment risk profiles we work towards.

For our Platinum service level clients we offer the facility to build bespoke portfolios around your investment ethics and individual approach to risk and returns.

Our Services

Your portfolio

Our overarching investment approach is that a diversified portfolio offers greater scope to even out the ups and the downs from holding your wealth in assets that can fall as well as rise in value. We take two core principal investment themes into account when constructing our adviser lead portfolios :-

Climate Change brings problems to solve and opportunities for investment growth.

Global population is rising and again this gives problems to solve and opportunities.

Within the portfolios we look for fund managers that seek investment growth with these principals in mind, an example being Fresh Water funds because as a species we cannot survive on this planet without fresh water.

Other investment sectors that regularly feature in many portfolios are health and pharmaceutical related funds, as many countries have ageing populations where more and more spending goes to health and wellbeing.

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